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Top 5 Affirmations to Remove Self-Doubt

Hey Friends,

As you may or may not know, I am a true advocate for Daily Affirmations and Positive Thinking.

I am not going to lie to you, with everything that has transpired in my life within the last 3 months, I have not been on my “Positivity” game. It is time for me to get back on track and remove the negative self-doubt that I have been dealing with over this past month.

Let me just say, it is impossible for someone to walk through life all day everyday thinking nothing but positive thoughts all day. It’s not realistic. You really must work at having a Positive mind set. I feel that in my journey of becoming Self-Aware, it is imperative that I can think and see myself in a positive light.

So, as I mentioned, I have been dealing with self-doubt lately and I am not sure where it is coming from. It could be the huge move that my husband and I have recently made. Or the stress of a few huge life changing decisions that I must make soon. Either way, it is time for me to consciously kick this “Self-Doubt” in the a** and get back to being a better me.

If you are struggling with “Self-Doubt”, here are my top 5 Daily Affirmations to Remove Self-Doubt:

  1. I choose to fill my life with joy and positivity

  2. I’m confident in my knowledge and understanding of things

  3. I was made to fulfill a purpose

  4. I have the power to do anything I put my mind to

  5. I choose happiness over fear

Let me know in the comments below, what your favorite Affirmations are.



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